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Ammunition: Handgun & Rifle, Practice & Premium Hunting Ammunition

At FOS LLC our goal is to provide the shooter with quality ammunition. We use only the best components, state of the art equipment and exacting quality control to bring you reliable premium ammunition that won’t break the bank.

FOS is owned and staffed by competitive shooters. Our Competition pistol offerings are based on the USPSA power factors. Our major pistol loads are built to a 172 power factor and our minor pistol loads run at 132.

We try to attend most of the major matches and you can save shipping charges by picking up your ammo at a match we’re shooting.

If you have a preferred load in almost any caliber or are looking for something special, email us and we will give you a price quote.

We also specialize in the manufacture of premium quality ammunition for the most demanding hunters and competition shooters in the world. Long range snipers, sheep hunters and pursuers of dangerous game, all demand the very best. We exceed these demands with every premium round we load.

All prices include shipping and the 11% Federal Excise Tax.

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FOS Ammunition LLC

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